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When people learn about Pasha Lake Cabins for the first time, they’re often surprised how remarkable the fishing is. Pasha’s geographical location is situated along side the best trout fishing in the Northern Hemisphere – Lake Nipigon – and most prolific walleye waters in NW Ontario – Onaman Lake. Add to that an overabundance of smaller, remote inland lakes, filled with multispecies game fish and hunting opportunities, and a whole new level is achieved – a World Class Level!

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Come and experience an adventure around every corner and memories that will last a lifetime!

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2020 St. Paul Ice Show and Picture Challenge

I have to admit – the wrapping up of the 2019 open water season has me a bit anxious.  While I am ready for a mini sabbatical given the fact we’re coming off one of the busiest season in our history, I’m also excited to kick off the hard water season. A week ago today, I returned from Elk Hunting with none other than James Holst – the creator and host of the wildly famous fishing television show In-Depth Outdoors.  We spent a week out in Montana chasing elusive elk and had a pretty good time doing it. The required…

At Pasha Lake Cabins, we are proud to honor those elite guests that reach the pinnacle of angling.

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