Fly-fishing for Northern Pike Canada

2016 Trophy Fishing Photos 1:

Fishing Summary 2016: We had a slower week compared to previous years, but really focused on catching larger fish for a majority of the week. Keep in mind between the two boats we still ended up over 500 fish for the week and caught four personal best fish. Not too shabby!

Saturday arrival – Headed to Northwind for a quick two hours to catch dinner.

  • Between two boats we caught 25-30 walleyes in the 12-16″ range perfect for dinner!!

Sunday – Conglomerate Lake

  • We caught somewhere in the 120-150 walleyes (12″-16″) between the two boats and could have continued to catch those fish but left looking for larger fish. Ended up only catching a few pike in the afternoon, but learned quite a bit of the lake.

Monday – Onaman Lake

  • Caught over 100 walleyes between the two boats with 10 over 25″.

Tuesday – Onaman Lake

  • Caught between 100-150 walleyes with the largest at 27″ and 20 that pushed the 25+” size. We ended up losing the stringer of fish for the camp fish fry 45 minutes prior to leaving the lake and ended up not able to catch anything under 25″ leaving two different points with back to back 25″ plus fish, so we could move and catch dinner….

Wednesday – Onaman Lake

  • Caught around 150-200 walleye. The largest was 29″, with a 28″, and three at 27″. Ended the day with three in the group catching personal bests! Great day of fishing!! Lots of big fish!

Thursday – Onaman Lake

  • A loud thunderstorm crashed through right as we arrived at the lake and shut down the bite for the first two hours of the day. We ended up catching around 80 fish between the two boats with 10-15 walleye in the 25-26.5″ range. The largest fish of the day came on a crawler harness when my dad pulled in a 41+ pike (the tape measure in the boat only went to 40″ and it was hanging off both sides). We took two quick pictures and had to help the big fish regain its balance and swim away to be caught by the next anglers from Pasha!!

Friday – Northwind Lake

  • Quick trip to catch fresh fish to bring home. We caught over 50 fish in less than two hours looking to get the right size to bring home. We were marking much larger fish but the 12-17″ fish were biting and that was perfect to bring back to camp and filet out for the cooler!


I just wanted to give you a heartfelt thanks for the fishing advice and locations today! We couldn’t even get into Beatty for most of the day today because of the incredible south wind that was hammering that northern shoreline at the beaver dam between Foxear and Beatty. Waves were white-capped the whole way across and slamming into the beaver dam at 20-24 inches high. But finally, around 5:30pm, it calmed down enough and we made the leap over the dam and headed straight to one of the spots you circled on the map. One of my first casts, this happened, and it was epic man. Thanks a million Chad! Feel free to post this one on your Pasha bragging board! Didn’t get a weight and we didn’t have a tape with us because we left my Dad’s big tackle box behind to downsize our load. I don’t care though, it was the best fish of my lifetime and I am stoked beyond belief!!

Thanks and thanks again!

Mike McFarland

Photos above and below are Mike’s giant Northern Pike


Just a note on our trip this past week. Our group did have 3 personal best ,two on walleye and one brook trout. An again the Yamaha motors performed flawless. In fact the only thing surpassing them was the great personal service provided by you and your staff.Trust me it was noticed and appreciated. The only thing that you missed on were the bugs. They were below average in numbers and not missed.

Thanks and hope to see you again

Jim, Harry, Mike and Blaine