2018 Walleye Opener

May 19th, 2018 Walleye Opener



Just a quick note to touch base with everyone and bring you up to speed on current events

  • Ice off on inland lakes happened a day earlier than 2017. This year on May 13th, the remaining ice sheet floating on Pasha finally relented.  Pasha of course is one of the last lakes in the region to free up, meaning all inland lakes and rivers were officially free of hard water


  • Lake Nipigon – Lake Nipigon ice melt is hovering around 10% or so. The south shorelines are breaking up daily, but current pictures show thick ice still remains mid lake and to the north.  A week from today, we should be able to shove off for our first charter of the season


  • Among much unforeseen headwinds, camp life is starting to come into focus. Given the exterme cold last winter, water this season was unusually difficult to get operational, but in true Pasha form, we plowed ahead and gott’er done!


  • Fishing – so far the early birds are getting the worms – Cabin #6 (Joe M from Michigan) had a staggering day on Friday chasing pike on a nearby lake. Although the trophies were elusive, the numbers and action more than made up the lack of a bigg’in


  • Tom T from Superior WI also had an epic day on Friday. He inadvertently stumbled on to a fast action walleye bite (don’t worry, he didn’t keep any as the season was closed) and ended the day catching a 6lbs trophy brook trout!


  • The predicted rain for the next 24 hours has kept most people holed up in their cabins, but a Sunday’s predicted 70 degree weather will no doubt ignite the motivation to hit the water.