Snowmobile Trails in Northern Ontario

Great Snowmobiling

Rob Stenger 04-Apr-2003

I just would like to thank you two again, for another great stay in March. The accommodations are great and cabin 10 in now my favorite. I had brought up 4 guys that never experienced Pasha Lake before. They were pretty skeptical about the trip and the snow conditions. Like last time I visited there, the snow did not appear to be all that deep until you were minutes from Pasha Lake. Three of the four other guys on the trip have been snowmobiling all their lives. They said it was the best powder riding they have ever experienced. These guys have been out West and still say, the riding out there was phenomenal and better at Pasha Lake. We rode for 3 days in virgin powder with conditions (except for the below zero temps) that were out of this world. By the end of the third day we still were carving through untouched powder. On average the snow depth was 3 to 4 feet of powder with spots that were bottomless (over 7 feet). You do the metric conversions. To quote a good friend of mine, “Thanks again Darrell for Raising the Bar”. That was by FAR the best riding I have ever experienced. I’m already looking forward to next Winter, for some more deep powder riding at Pasha Lake.

Have a great spring and I hope to see you this summer for some World Class Walleye Fishing!