Ontario Lodge with Lots of Walleyes

Lots of Walleyes

Tony Brough 7-Sept-2005

With one more day of fishing, we already caught a ton of walleyes, had wonderful shore lunches, enjoyed the sauna prior to going to bed, watched a hunter bring in a 300 pound bear (or is it spelled beer). The only down side was my wife (1st time to Canada) had won $3 off of me by getting the 1st fish, the 1st walleye, and the largest walleye (a 5 pounder that I reluctantly netted for her). We were going to fish for some Northerns when Darrel talked us into the Jet boat trip guided by Bob. This was a “Once in the lifetime” trip…that we will do again! The ride was lots of fun, the scenery was amazing, and I won $1 back from my wife with a thick 25″ 7.5 pound monster. I also had fun recording 9 fish using only 1 poor dilapidated minnow. The attached picture was fish number 8!

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