Ontario Moose Hunt

Moose Hunt

Rob Sinning 29-Sept-2006

Wow! What an unforgettable Moose hunt. Mark Braaten and I arrived at Pasha Lake Cabins on the 2006 Moose opener. After a 10 hour drive we were still very anxious to get out in the woods and start our hunt. The first night we had Bull responses to our calling but it got dark on us too soon. The second and third day we braved the rain and did a lot of scouting and some minor calling. We spotted a nice cow that evening, what a great encounter! The next day we found many scent pits, scapes and rubs. This is what we were looking for. That evening we watched a nice bull tear things up just out of range. We snuck back the next morning to find two bulls working in the same proximity. We watched them bed. We then hung out for about 9 hours before I started some light calling. An hour before dark it sounded like a bulldozer working his way through the woods. Tress snapping followed by some outrageous Bull grunts. The Bull had pinpointed my position to within 25 yards. One lonely tree stood between me and him, he looked around, turned broadside and took a few more steps. With the Bull at 25 yards, I released my arrow for the perfect shot.

The Bull ran 40 yards, looked back and then went down. What a thrill to see a trophy of this magnitude go down within site. The Bull had a 43 inch spread and came in just over 1100 pounds. What wonderful country, we spent 12-14 hours a day out in the woods coming across bear, grouse, a wolf, numerous ducks, and geese. I have to thank Chad and Michelle for the great directions and maps, awesome accommodations, and an unforgettable hunt. I will definitely be back for another adventure!