Ontario Snowmobile Trails Near Jellicoe Armstrong Nakina

Fantastic Snowmobiling

John Remmel 16-Jan-2004

Having gone to Pasha Lake Cabins for the 4th consecutive winter, I thought it was about time to write in the “Brag Book”. Ironically, it’s really not bragging, rather it is simply a matter of telling the truth.

To tell the truth, Pasha Lake Cabins has the best snowmobiling I have ever encountered. Once again this year (January 04) we had outstanding riding conditions even though there wasn’t a single inch of snow at home (Wis). Also, Darrell & Susie once again made our trip completely enjoyable, comfortable, and relaxing.

As for the riding… You will never know what you are missing until you go there. No two way sled traffic, no pavement riding between trails, no areas of “snirt” to worry about, and no speed limits. The trails are surrounded by wild beauty and can be ridden as fast as your ability will allow. They are wide enough so you can really haul @$$ while, at the same time, also being varied enough in elevation and direction to make them interesting and full of thrills. You can ride logging roads at ridiculous speeds, powder that has not been ridden by anyone else, clear cuts that are up to 15 miles long, or lakes that are free from cabins, shanties, and people.

The air is cold and dry most of the winter which allows the sleds to run with a zing & snappiness some have not yet encountered. The trails are always good when we go in January, though Darrell says they get better and better all the way through the end of March. Darrell’s trails are the most fun to ride, but we’ve had some great days running into Geraldton and Beardmore on the Ontario (OFC) trail as well. There is a gas pump right at the lodge so you can just “gas and go” anytime you want.

The first year I went to Pasha Lake I did some ice fishing too. We caught Splake, Northern, Walleye and Brook Trout. Darrell knows where and how to catch fish! The day we went for Splake we caught quite a few in the 6-7 lb. range. It is a blast to have a fish on the end of your line that really wants to battle. They get close to the hole and sprint for cover. If you’ve never had a fish strip 100 yds of line off your jig pole before, you owe it to yourself to give the Splake fishing a try. Best of all, we went back to the lodge and cooked them on the grill that same night. Talk about delicious!

This year they had a very nice surprise for us in the form of the new Main Lodge. We spent all our nights there, in great comfort, watching movies on the full surround sound system complete with sub-woofer. You can hang out, play cards, tip a few back, jump in the lake, and just plain chill out with your friends. The new Main Lodge was a huge hit with our group this year. Even though the wilderness aspect of Pasha Lake Cabins is probably its most appealing quality to me, it was nice to have the comforts of home available too. Nice job Darrell & Susie.

All in all I can’t give their place a high enough recommendation. I am going back there this summer (hopefully) with my two Brother’s in Law to do some big time fishing from a boat. Obviously, we are already committed for our trip next winter too.

The sad part is that I now have to endure the trails and conditions around home the rest of this winter. It’s always “just riding” after coming home from Pasha Lake. It’s always good to ride, it’s just not the same.

Do yourself a favor and give them a try. You’ll be telling your friends about it when you get home. I’m already looking forward to next year.