Ontario Spring Walleye Fishing

Spring Break Walleyes

Lewis and Mitch Lawler, Brett Nelson, Ryan Allen 31-Mar-2005

Spring Break 2005, What a trip! It seems like every time we come up here, Darrell and Susie make it harder and harder to leave. Their kindness and helping hands are always appreciated.

It was one of the funniest times any of us have ever experienced. The Duluth/Superior area has some fun things, but nothing like up here. The snow was as deep as ever, and temps were perfect. Brett, in the picture, caught this 10 1/2 lbs. lake trout on a nearby lake, while I (Mitch) caught this 37 1/2 inch, 21 lbs. northern on a size 6 hook on a tip-up. Some of the biggest of the trip. Besides the trophies pictured, the walleyes were biting non-stop, and the brook trout made the fishing worth while.

There’s nothing like playing rummy 500 in the lounge, listening to Conway Twitty while drinking a cold Canadian lager!

Over all, it was everything we expected and will be one of many trips up to Pasha in the future!