Ontario Splake Fishing

The Trek to Jackson Lake

The Rakestraws (Gary, Andy, Brian & Scott) – July-2007

Dear Michelle & Chad,

We had a fantastic time at Pasha Lake Cabins. The rain could have co-operated a little more but then the bite probably wouldn’t have been so good. I’ll always remember the trek to Jackson Lake because it was the 1st time that I really couldn’t keep up with my sons. Thank God the fish were biting! Next year, I’m bringing the the wives, another son & my boat. It’s been a long time since I had to find fish the old fashioned way. I got 260 great pictures & I’m having a couple enlarged. One is of Brian with his 28″ Walleye & the other is of me with the 24″ Splake. The only things I regret is that we couldn’t spend at least two weeks there instead of one (the time flew past so quickly) & that I didn’t get my wife a Pasha Lake sweat shirt. I’ll buy her one next June when we get back.

Thanks again for making our trip so pleasurable

The Rakestraws (Gary, Andy, Brian & Scott)