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Throw Back Friday - Pasha Lake Cabins

The backdrop on this old picture screams Onaman Lake.   Back then, I understand the lake was full of 14 – 16″ walleyes. The old timers tell me all the time about 200 walleye days.   Personally, I love Onaman now.  You won’t catch 200 walleyes in a day however. But the fish there now will rip the arms from your sockets.  Big, boastful and plentiful.  They way I like it. (I chuckle at the youngster with the orange life jacket.  I assume they were the norm back then, how ever uncomfortable they were.)  Neat picture.   I threw in a picture of…

Throw Back Friday - Pasha Lake Cabins

This bear harvest pic was found in an old photo album discovered while cleaning the lodge.  Judging by this young fellow’s pants, I am guessing the 1970’s.  Cool and nice bear!  (Would love to do a “where is he now” update on this lucky fellow.)    

Wish I Was Fishing!

The relenting cold has finally lifted. With the onslaught of fresh powder, I sure wish I was battling walleyes on Onaman! Soon…. (to be continued)

The Darn Drag

The Darn Drag is that formidable ride your trophy bear gets after the celebratory pictures have burned their images into the memory banks of your phone. Once we (“we” meaning the Bear Recovery Team – “BRT” for short) return to the lodge after retrieving your bear kill, the celebrations culminate in the hunter being pictured with his/her bear. Shortly after the photos are taken, the BRT team helps the hunter roll his harvest into the recovery sled.  From there, tradition states the hunter alone, makes the 200 yard trek dragging his bear in a show of respect to all things…

Winter Wonder Land

Ice fishing season is here.  We have A LOT of snow at Pasha Lake Cabins.  It’s a snowmobilers and hardcore ice fisherman’s paradise.  Test your riding, fishing and survival skills all at once.  Come join the fun!            

In-Depth Outdoors TV Lake Nipigon Pike Video

  In Season 11 , Episode 4 we follow James Holst and Chad Thompson from Pasha Lake Cabins in Ontario, on an epic journey targeting Northern Pike. If you like Big Fish, especially Big Pike – you are going to love this brand new episode of In-Depth Outdoors TV.