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Ontario Trophy Northern Pike Fishing

Pike Haven Halferty Family – June 2008 Hobart Halferty has been coming to Pasha Lake Cabins for over 15 years. 2008 was Chase Halferty’s (grandson) first year and the 39.5″ northern he landed didn’t disappoint. Chase can’t wait for his next trip. Congrats Chase!!!

Ontario Lakes with Large Northern Pike

Quick Trip to Pasha Vacation August-2008 Had a great trip, Chris wishing we stayed a few days more for more hours on North Wind and Onaman. He was also itching to go after some of the larger pike, told him next time. Bob Sobieck (Forest Lake, MN)

Ontario Duck Hunting & Walleye Fishing

Splake Lake Adventure Benjamin Johnson of Sheboygan, WI – August-2007 Benjamin Johnson of Sheboygan, WI shows off one of his prize catches with Chad during a week-long adventure to Pasha Lake. Ben and the rest of his group from WI and WA caught over 300 fish that day collectively. It’s a bi-annual tradition for the group. Thanks for a great time. I’ll be sure to recommend your place to anyone who asks. Take care, Brad Johnson Here is a picture of some ducks harvested on one of the areas many wild rice lakes. Many ducks and geese filter though the…

Ontario Spring Splake Fishing

The Splake Lake Randy Reichert 14-Dec-2004 Ah yes, the Splake Lake, those of us who have been there know the wonder of it. Those that haven’t need to set aside other matters to make this an a number one priority. I’ve had good success on this lake during previous winter trips in January, but I’ve always wanted to fish this during first ice. Well, the opportunity came this December. Jim Swain from Florida, yes Florida, Justin Gaedtke of Kiel, WI, Darrell, and myself set out to the Splake Lake during the second week of December. We had waited a day…

Ontario Spring Walleye Fishing

Spring Break Walleyes Lewis and Mitch Lawler, Brett Nelson, Ryan Allen 31-Mar-2005 Spring Break 2005, What a trip! It seems like every time we come up here, Darrell and Susie make it harder and harder to leave. Their kindness and helping hands are always appreciated. It was one of the funniest times any of us have ever experienced. The Duluth/Superior area has some fun things, but nothing like up here. The snow was as deep as ever, and temps were perfect. Brett, in the picture, caught this 10 1/2 lbs. lake trout on a nearby lake, while I (Mitch) caught…

Ontario Walleye Fishing trips

The Retiree’s: Fishing Vacation – September-2008 The Retiree’s Lloyd and Clarice Rudd of Fergus Falls, Mn just returned from spending the summer in Alaska when they received last weeks promotion. They jumped on the chance to try it out and weren’t disappointed! Pictured above it Clarice with just one of the many, many walleyes they landed on Northwind Lake. Also pictured are some scenery photos from their trip.

Ontario Lakes with Great Walleye Fishing

Great Trip: Onaman Walleyes! September-2008 Todd Bauernfeind (Shoreview, MN) from the Brian Lipps Crew experienced true Onaman Lake fishing. He wrote, “We had a great trip! Thanks so much. Attached are a few pictures from the trip to Onaman. Biggest Walleye 28″ biggest Pike 40”. See you next Year! Todd Bauernfeind

Moose Hunting Canada

6 Guys, 2 Bulls and a Whole lot of Fun! Moose Hunting October-2008 Mark Downey and his crew from North Bay, Ontario harvested these two beautiful bulls during the second week of the ’08 archery season. Congrats guys!

Ontario Lodge with Lots of Walleyes

Lots of Walleyes Tony Brough 7-Sept-2005 With one more day of fishing, we already caught a ton of walleyes, had wonderful shore lunches, enjoyed the sauna prior to going to bed, watched a hunter bring in a 300 pound bear (or is it spelled beer). The only down side was my wife (1st time to Canada) had won $3 off of me by getting the 1st fish, the 1st walleye, and the largest walleye (a 5 pounder that I reluctantly netted for her). We were going to fish for some Northerns when Darrel talked us into the Jet boat trip…