In-Depth Outdoors TV Lake Nipigon Pike Video

  In Season 11 , Episode 4 we follow James Holst and Chad Thompson from Pasha Lake Cabins in Ontario, on an epic journey targeting Northern Pike. If you like Big Fish, especially Big Pike – you are going to love this brand new episode of In-Depth Outdoors TV.

Fish’N Canada TV Show Video

Fish’N Canada TV Show Video at Pasha Lake Cabins: Episode 4 , (Lake of a Million Walleye) of the 2006 Fish’N Canada Show, was filmed on a secret lake we fish from our location. This is just one of several lakes we fish where the walleye action is hot from spring to fall. If you want to experience the euphoria that Pete Bowman brags about in the video, then give us a call today. Spend your fishing vacation with us and you won’t be disappointed!


Top quality, action-packed Canadian Ice Fishing. Call or Text Chad now at 715 817 4161        email:       [email protected] For the serious ice fisherman, our unique location offers you unparalleled opportunities to experience the way Ontario ice fishing was meant to be. Recently named as one of the TOP 25 Fishing Destinations in all of North America, at your disposal, are literally hundreds of lakes just busting at the shores with hungry game fish. With 8 different game fish to choose from, whether you like fishing for walleye, splake, pike, lake trout, brook trout, white fish or perch, you are…


Lake Nipigon, the Nipigon River and all the smaller satellite lakes and streams that surround and run into Lake Nipigon are famous for being the hottest Brook Trout fishing destination in the Ontario. It’s also home to the official World Record Brook Trout caught by Dr. JW Cook in 1915. Pasha Lake Cabins is located right in the middle of it all. Pasha Lake Cabins is only a 20-minute drive from the public boat launch on Lake Nipigon and the Nipigon Forest Reserve where you will have access via a short hike to some of the best rapids on the…


Lake Trout in Lake Nipigon have an astonishing average size of 20 pounds with many being caught and released during the summer that range between 30 and 40 pounds. On occasion, Lake Trout in the 45-pound class get caught. The record Lake Trout for Lake Nipigon was just over 62 pounds, and just under the Ontario record by a few ounces, which was caught in Lake Superior. The MNR netted a Lake Trout over 64 pounds in Lake Nipigon while conducting a Lake Trout population study in 2007.


Lake Nipigon is famous for high numbers of Walleyes and big trophy Walleyes. There are endless shoals, weedy bays, sunken reefs and weedy plateaus where Walleye congregate in vast numbers. Like all fish there are good and bad days as far as fish feeding but many of our guests have reached that 100 Walleyes-in-a-day mark and many of our guests have caught the most Walleyes of their lives on Nipigon. There are also many different kinds of Walleye fishing on Lake Nipigon. You can troll for suspended walleyes out in open water. You can fish for walleyes off deep sunken…


Lake Nipigon is well known for having Monster Northern Pike. The lake is so big that you can find bays and points leading into bays that have not been fished by anyone that year. Because of the barbless hook law, which is unique to Lake Nipigon in Ontario, all the trophy Pike get released and survive. This is why countless Trophy Pike in the 20 to 25 pound range get caught and released each year. Not only are there an incredible amount of big trophies, there is a high population of pike of every size range. Our guests have caught…