John and Amanda

I love it when our guests share pictures of their outdoor pursuits. John and Amanda have been coming to Pasha Lake Cabins for years. They’re avid outdoors people and an absolute joy when it comes to having them in camp during their annual trip. These pics are from their fall 2021 hunting adventures “out west”. Thanks for sharing you two – see you in July

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The best drive to lodge in all on Ontario not only offers fishing – but hunting services as well. Today we look at the Bear Hunting / Fishing combo package:   Bear Hunters that choose Pasha Lake Cabins are treated to a package unlike anywhere else. Not only do you get first class access to the most prolific black bear habitats in Ontario, you’ll also have world class fisheries completely at your disposal. The best part? There is no extra charge. This is no ordinary bear hunt – you get these free services during your hunting bonanza. – Guaranteed Second…

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Pasha Lake Cabins Question of the Day – “We are interested in coming to your camp for the 2020 Moose Hunt.  We are a party of 6, possibly 8. Do you have any available cabins? Any pertinent information would be greatly appreciated”    Yes at this time we have limited cabins 1st week and we have cabins second weekCabins are modern, clean, spacious with 24/7 hydro, running water, propane heat and private washroom with stand up showerEach party member gets a bed – 2 beds per room no bunk beds Biggest cottages are 1100Sqft x4 bedroom Cost per person per…


Hundreds of miles of trails crisscross the area so you can walk or use an ATV to bag limit after limit. With the high number of grouse seen and flushed, many of our hunters enjoy training young dogs and young hunters as well in the area. In addition to our ruffed and spruce grouse, we also have a large population of sharptail grouse. For the outdoors person who also enjoys to fish, combine your fall grouse hunt with some fall fishing. We’re sure you’ll be back year after year for more fall outdoor action. BOOK YOUR TRIP NOW


Together, the two Wildlife Management Units (#19 & #21A) contain one of the largest moose herds in all of NW Ontario, approximately 4,200 Alces alces (aka Canadian) Moose. With Pasha Lake being centrally located between the 2 zones, it stands to reason the moose harvest opportunities are endless. The surrounding ecosystem of both deciduous and coniferous tree stands is a preferred haven for the local moose population, and it shows in the Pasha Lake’s annual harvest rates. In fact, since 2005, there have been 2 bulls killed that have made the provincial record books.   BOOK YOUR TRIP NOW


Over 600LBS – Kyle G (formally of Kiel, WI) lays claim to the biggest black bear harvested in Pasha Lake’s 60 year existence. In total, he’s harvested 4 bears while staying at the lodge. While Kyle’s trophy harvest is unique, his story isn’t. He stands among many who’ve killed multiple bears over the years, several who’ve achieved double digits harvests. Bear hunters choosing Pasha Lake Cabins quickly learn that opportunity to kill isn’t the only advantage we offer, it’s the refreshing honesty, the tireless service, and the legitimate expertise. From relentless baiting, to post-harvest care, Pasha Lake stands alone as…

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Hunting Rates Page Due to a cancellation we have room for seven bear hunters. Season starts August 15. Call Chad at 1-(715) 817-4161 ATTENTION – Ontario is bringing back the spring bear hunt! Book your hunt now and be the first hunter in 16 years to harvest an Ontario spring bear. We will be running a minimum of hunts and space will go quickly. Kick off the 2016 with a bang – join us at Pasha Lake Cabins as we bring you the best bear hunt Ontario has to offer. Hope to see you there! – Chad Black Bear Hunt…

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6 Guys, 2 Bulls and a Whole lot of Fun! Moose Hunting October-2008 Mark Downey and his crew from North Bay, Ontario harvested these two beautiful bulls during the second week of the ’08 archery season. Congrats guys!

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Black Bear Hunting Gallery: More Black Bear Hunting Pages Main Black Bear Hunting Page Bear Hunt Details Black Bear Hunting Tips Bringing Firearms into Ontario Ontario Black Bear Hunting Regulations I want to say thank you for everything you guys have done for me during my bear hunt this year. This was an a amazing experience for my first bear. Thank you again for everything you guys have done me on this hunt. Kind Regards, Ben Jordan _____________________________ Hello Chad, I wanted to take a minute and say thanks for all your hard work trying to get us a bear…

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The 5 Most Common Mistakes of Black Bear Hunting: Below you will find the information you need to guarantee yourself a successful Ontario Black Bear Hunt. Instead of showing you the same old stuff you see on every other outfitter’s web page, we thought we would give you something you could really use. You see, if you clicked into this web page, there is a high probability that in the near future you are going black bear hunting in Ontario. The only problem is, there are 100’s if not 1000’s of black bear hunting outfitter’s to choose from. All of…