Bear Hunting

Best Drive to Lodge - Pasha Lake Cabins featured service

The best drive to lodge in all on Ontario not only offers fishing – but hunting services as well. Today we look at the Bear Hunting / Fishing combo package:   Bear Hunters that choose Pasha Lake Cabins are treated to a package unlike anywhere else. Not only do you get first class access to the most prolific black bear habitats in Ontario, you’ll also have world class fisheries completely at your disposal. The best part? There is no extra charge. This is no ordinary bear hunt – you get these free services during your hunting bonanza. – Guaranteed Second…


Over 600LBS – Kyle G (formally of Kiel, WI) lays claim to the biggest black bear harvested in Pasha Lake’s 60 year existence. In total, he’s harvested 4 bears while staying at the lodge. While Kyle’s trophy harvest is unique, his story isn’t. He stands among many who’ve killed multiple bears over the years, several who’ve achieved double digits harvests. Bear hunters choosing Pasha Lake Cabins quickly learn that opportunity to kill isn’t the only advantage we offer, it’s the refreshing honesty, the tireless service, and the legitimate expertise. From relentless baiting, to post-harvest care, Pasha Lake stands alone as…

Canadian Bear Hunting

First Canadian Bear Vacation August-2008 45 Minute Bear Hunt Jim “Sudsy” Sudbeck (Browerville, Mn) and his first Canadian Bear. The boar weighed in over 300lbs and was shot just 45 minutes after Jim reached his stand on the very first night. Congratulations Sudsy!