Moose Hunting


Together, the two Wildlife Management Units (#19 & #21A) contain one of the largest moose herds in all of NW Ontario, approximately 4,200 Alces alces (aka Canadian) Moose. With Pasha Lake being centrally located between the 2 zones, it stands to reason the moose harvest opportunities are endless. The surrounding ecosystem of both deciduous and coniferous tree stands is a preferred haven for the local moose population, and it shows in the Pasha Lake’s annual harvest rates. In fact, since 2005, there have been 2 bulls killed that have made the provincial record books.   BOOK YOUR TRIP NOW

Ontario Moose Hunt

Moose Hunt Rob Sinning 29-Sept-2006 Wow! What an unforgettable Moose hunt. Mark Braaten and I arrived at Pasha Lake Cabins on the 2006 Moose opener. After a 10 hour drive we were still very anxious to get out in the woods and start our hunt. The first night we had Bull responses to our calling but it got dark on us too soon. The second and third day we braved the rain and did a lot of scouting and some minor calling. We spotted a nice cow that evening, what a great encounter! The next day we found many scent…