Current Projects

Image Courtesy of Time on the Water Canada



We continually strive to update our services, equipment, and accommodations to bring comfort and pleasure to our guests.

At the same time, we are a family owned business and must prioritize our projects based on budget restraints, time and human resources.


We are always looking for help on camp projects.

Below are some of the current things we are working on:

  • Metal Siding on new cottage – all materials on site and ready to be installed
  • Jeeps – currently adding Jeep Wranglers and Cherokee’s to our Rental Equipment
  • Onaman Boat Landing – Needs updating
  • Construction of a new cottage – need all trades: framers, finish carpenter, gas/propane, plumber, electrician
  • New roof on Cabin #10
  • Moving Cabin #5 and Cabin #7 to a new location
  • Addition construction on both cabin #5 & #7
  • Finish Carpenter
  • Construction of an 80×100 pole shed
  • Bear bait sites – need brushing, construction of blinds and trails cleared
  • Lake Exploration – need new lakes explored, detailed notes etc.


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***  The Canadian government regulates all work and volunteer activities completed in country ***