Lake Nipigon, the Nipigon River and all the smaller satellite lakes and streams that surround and run into Lake Nipigon are famous for being the hottest Brook Trout fishing destination in the Ontario. It’s also home to the official World Record Brook Trout caught by Dr. JW Cook in 1915. Pasha Lake Cabins is located right in the middle of it all. Pasha Lake Cabins is only a 20-minute drive from the public boat launch on Lake Nipigon and the Nipigon Forest Reserve where you will have access via a short hike to some of the best rapids on the Nipigon River.

Brook Trout in the 12 to 20-inch range are the most commonly caught size on Lake Nipigon. 10% of the Brook Trout you catch will be 21 to 26 inches and sometimes you may get a monster that’s over 26 inches. A 26-inch Brook Trout is usually around 8 pounds. Most people consider a 3-pound Brook Trout a trophy. It’s very rare for a Brook Trout to be caught over 8 pounds in Lake Nipigon but on occasions, Brookies up to 10-pounds are taken. As we said before, Brook Trout are very sensitive to weather but if you do hit the lake on a good day you should bring in between 1 and 12 good size trout. It depends on how well you know the lake and how much experience you have fishing in a lake for trout.



Lake Nipigon has approximately 652 miles of shoreline weaving in and out of weedy bays and around rocky points. This figure does not account for shoreline around the many islands on the lake. There are also countless shoals, deep reefs and mouths of feeder-streams and rivers. Counting islands the shoreline exceeds 1300 miles.


  • Max Depth: 541 feet
  • Surface Area: 2802 sq. miles
  • Shoreline: 652 miles of shoreline not counting islands
  • Elevation: 853 feet above sea level
  • Average Waterflow Out: 5500 cubic feet per second
  • Map Coordinates: 49°50’N 88°30’W? / 49.833333, -88.5
  • UTM: 16U 392130 5521179
  • Fish Species: Walleye, Northern Pike, Brook Trout, Lake Trout, Sauger, Sturgeon & Yellow Perch
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