Lake Nipigon is well known for having Monster Northern Pike. The lake is so big that you can find bays and points leading into bays that have not been fished by anyone that year. Because of the barbless hook law, which is unique to Lake Nipigon in Ontario, all the trophy Pike get released and survive. This is why countless Trophy Pike in the 20 to 25 pound range get caught and released each year.

Not only are there an incredible amount of big trophies, there is a high population of pike of every size range. Our guests have caught Northern Pike up to 48 inches and some have claimed to have had bigger Pike on that broke the line. We have had guests that say they lost count of the Pike they hooked into. That is another advantage to barbless hooks. You can shake the little ones off at the boat without spending time unhooking them, which translates into more time working those weed lines and rocky points.



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Lake Nipigon has approximately 652 miles of shoreline weaving in and out of weedy bays and around rocky points. This figure does not account for shoreline around the many islands on the lake. There are also countless shoals, deep reefs and mouths of feeder-streams and rivers. Counting islands the shoreline exceeds 1300 miles.


  • Max Depth: 541 feet
  • Surface Area: 2802 sq. miles
  • Shoreline: 652 miles of shoreline not counting islands
  • Elevation: 853 feet above sea level
  • Average Waterflow Out: 5500 cubic feet per second
  • Map Coordinates: 49°50’N 88°30’W? / 49.833333, -88.5
  • UTM: 16U 392130 5521179
  • Fish Species: Walleye, Northern Pike, Brook Trout, Lake Trout, Sauger, Sturgeon & Yellow Perch
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