Lake Nipigon is famous for high numbers of Walleyes and big trophy Walleyes. There are endless shoals, weedy bays, sunken reefs and weedy plateaus where Walleye congregate in vast numbers. Like all fish there are good and bad days as far as fish feeding but many of our guests have reached that 100 Walleyes-in-a-day mark and many of our guests have caught the most Walleyes of their lives on Nipigon.

There are also many different kinds of Walleye fishing on Lake Nipigon. You can troll for suspended walleyes out in open water. You can fish for walleyes off deep sunken reefs and shoals. You can fish around islands and weed beds. You can fish along the shore or go up into the rivers and streams that run into the lake. There is a variety of structure and we suggest you fish the structure you are best equipped for or fish the structure you are most experienced with. The Walleyes are found in many areas of the lake.



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Lake Nipigon has approximately 652 miles of shoreline weaving in and out of weedy bays and around rocky points. This figure does not account for shoreline around the many islands on the lake. There are also countless shoals, deep reefs and mouths of feeder-streams and rivers. Counting islands the shoreline exceeds 1300 miles.


  • Max Depth: 541 feet
  • Surface Area: 2802 sq. miles
  • Shoreline: 652 miles of shoreline not counting islands
  • Elevation: 853 feet above sea level
  • Average Waterflow Out: 5500 cubic feet per second
  • Map Coordinates: 49°50’N 88°30’W? / 49.833333, -88.5
  • UTM: 16U 392130 5521179
  • Fish Species: Walleye, Northern Pike, Brook Trout, Lake Trout, Sauger, Sturgeon & Yellow Perch
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