Ontario Northern Pike Fishing

Northern Pike Fishing in Pasha Lake & Surrounding Inland Lakes: More Pike Pages:

The Trophy Pike Lakes surrounding Pasha Lake Cabins are absolutely stuffed with Northern Pike of every size. In some of the lakes you will experience non-stop action all day and easily catch between 60 and 100 Northerns depending on how hard you fish. In other lakes, the numbers may be a little lower because all the young Pike get eaten by the monsters Northerns that are patrolling the shoals and shoreline. These big trophy Pike are hungry and attack everything that moves. Just tell us what you want and we will send you to the right lake.

The most common sizes of Pike in our inland lakes range from 24 to 35 inches and you will catch tons of them. Larger Trophy Northern Pike in the 15 to 25-pound range are less frequent but our guests do catch lots of them and anyone’s chances of catching a trophy are very good. Each year we have around 35 to 40 guests who catch big trophies and since we have owned the lodge we have seen guests catch really thick Pike in the 46-inch range that exceeded 25 pounds.

We don’t want our guests thinking that they just have Pasha Lake to fish. Pasha Lake does have great Pike fishing including lots of trophy size Pike. We want our guests to experience the adventure and thrill of fishing a different lake every day. You can think of Pasha Lake as the gateway to some of the top Pike lakes in Ontario and a starting point for multiple Trophy Pike expeditions. Below is a chart showing the most popular Pike lakes that our guests enjoy. Lakes are accessible by boat or driving. Some lakes require a short walk down some portage paths through the forest, which adds to the adventure and lets you get a taste of the Northwestern Ontario Wilderness.

Inland Northern Pike Lakes – Pasha Lake Cabins

Northern Pike Lakes Trophy or Numbers Access

Pasha Lake Trophy & Numbers Right from camp

Beatty Lake Trophy Boat in or drive to, 10 min

Wilkinson Lake Numbers Drive to, 20min from camp

Onaman Trophy Drive to, walk, 45min

Fullerton Numbers Drive to, 45 min

Schroder Trophy 4 wheeler, 25 min

Watson Numbers Drive to, 15 min

McConnell Numbers 4 wheeler, 25 min

Oregon Numbers Drive to, boat to, 35min

Altitude Numbers Drive to, 35min

Kaby Numbers Drive to, 25 min

Bear Skin Numbers Drive to, 10 min

Tyrol Numbers Drive to, 20 min

Leduc Numbers Boat to, 35 min

Leopard Numbers Drive to, 45 min

O’Neil Numbers Drive to, 35 min

Frank Numbers Drive to, 45 min

You may ask how smaller inland lakes can produce such incredible numbers and size. There are multiple reasons. First, we ask our guests to release all big Northern Pike. Since most of our guests are repeat customers and want to continue enjoying the great Pike fishing, they have all been compliant with our conservations efforts. Second, very few people know how to get to these lakes, which is a closely guarded secret that only our guests are privy to. Third, the lakes that we have boats on are very hard to get into and they are locked up thus the great fishing is reserved for our guests. The fourth reason is all the lakes are in such close proximity to Lake Nipigon that many people are attracted to the big lake and overlook inland opportunities for Trophy Pike. Lastly, the lakes are very fertile and connected by streams. Walleyes, Trout and Whitefish are constantly migrating from lake to lake thus giving the Northern Pike an endless banquet, which allows them to proliferate in great numbers and grow big.

The great Northern Pike fishing starts right at ice out. Some of the biggest Northerns ever caught in the area were taken in the shallows just hours after the ice has melted. Through the spring the Pike remain shallow and are very easy to catch. In the summer months the Northerns go a little deeper and hang off rocky points and sunken reefs where they ambush Walleyes. Leading into fall some Northern Pike stay around the reefs while others come shallow and sometimes migrate into the streams to feed on spawning Whitefish or on rocky shorelines to feed on spawning Lake Trout. Ice fishing for Northern Pike is awesome all winter.

Northern Pike will hit just about any lure but generally guests find better luck using shinny Pike spoons, Rattlebaits, Jerkbaits, Spinnerbaits and even top-water baits like Spooks and Jitterbugs. A growing trend, which seems to be getting very popular, is to fish with Pike Flies. The Rabbit Strip Pike Bunny, Dahlberg Diver and the Red & White Pike Fly seem to be favorites among Pike hunters.

Please take a look at our photo galleries to see the caliber of Northern Pike you can be catching and feel free to contact us with any questions.