Walleye Dream Trip (WDT) - Lake Nipigon

World Class Walleye Dream Trip (Jackfish River, Lake Nipigon):

I was able to take the Walleye Dream trip with my father-in-law and his friends and it was better than advertised. We simply couldn’t believe the number and quality of the fish they caught (over 100 fish/person). Charlie (who has been taking 3-4 trips to Canada/year since 1974) said it was the best trip he has ever experienced and couldn’t imagine finding better walleye fishing anywhere. The fish ranged between 15 – 25.5 inches with 19-20 inches being the norm. Thanks again for an amazing experience!! Bryan Kofal – Hudson, WI

Meet Joe Fish. Joe is looking for an affordable, Ontario fishing vacation. He demands great, even EXCELLENT fishing, but he and his buddies don’t want to pay a world class rate. Fly in trips are too costly and restrictive for bringing gear, food and drink. So they’ve settled on a “drive-to” location and, rightfully so, want access to the best walleye fishing in Ontario.

Enter the, Walleye Dream trip brought to you by Pasha Lake Cabins! Aside from flying to the remote corners of Canada and paying over $3000 per person, you won’t find a better walleye fishing experience on this planet. This Lake Nipigon excursion will bring you to the last, reasonably accessible, place on earth where you are guaranteed to catch over 99, fat, healthy, fierce fighting walleyes. Average length is 18 – 21 inches, with frequently caught 24’s and up.


1000’s of loyal Pasha Lake guests have capitalized on this walleye phenomenon.  In fact, top anglers such as Mark Romanack (Fishing 411) and Angelo Viola (Fish’n Canada) have said quite simply, “this is the best walleye fishing” they have EVER experienced.

This trip costs $599USD – (flat rate not per person) up to 6 adults. Most guests choose to stay at the main lodge and book this one day trip in addition purchasing our value packed, Fishing Package. This awesome package includes a weekly cabin rental, boat & motor rental(s), daily bait, an ALL camp Tuesday night fish fry and unlimited access to over 100 inland lakes (including the famous trophy walleye fishery – Onaman Lake).

If you’re interested in this unbelievable walleye fishing opportunity, be sure to contact us immediately (715 817 4161 call or text – [email protected]) because trips are limited and fill up fast.

Call now 1-(866) 333-5943 (or 715 817 4161 text or call) or email us at [email protected] to take advantage of this once in a life time adventure. You won’t be disappointed!

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