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Guest Spot Light - Dave Topps

Pasha Lake’s Guest Spotlight for March 2018  Dave Topps. Dave’s Lake Nipigon trophies are among the all time elite of Northern American anglers. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to read all about who he is, and his Lake Nipigon accomplishments.


We are located in the Lake Nipigon Watershed. Our whole area is peppered with hundreds of spring-fed lakes, streams and ponds and all eventually flowing into Lake Nipigon. All these streams and lakes are stuffed with Brook Trout, Lake Trout and Splake. BROOK TROUT (SPECKLED TROUT)  Brook Trout can be caught in many of the local lakes and streams but the best lakes are in the chart below. Brook Trout come in many different sizes. They are most common in the 10 to 16-inch range but bigger Brookies in the 3 to 6-pound range get taken throughout the year. There…

Best Trout Lures

The Splake Lake and the “Secret” Lure Mike Swanson 02-Feb-2003 Darrell guided my wife Brenda, my brother-in-law Rick, and myself into the now famous Splake lake a few years back. My wife and I had never even fished Splake before this trip. We were pretty excited about the fishing, and couldn’t wait to try out the “secret” lure Darrell had told us about. We weren’t set up for more than 10 minutes before we had the first Splake on the line. The flurry continued and before noon our catch had tallied up to a dozen or so. When the dust…

Ice Fishing for Lake Trout in Northern Ontario

Greatest Four Hours of Ice Fishing Josh Ceaser – 31-Dec-2006 We set out for the highly touted Splake Lake on the morning of New Year’s eve. Myself and a few others were rookies to the Splake Lake, but joining us on this adventure were Chad and some Splake Lake veterans. The adventure began by loading up the snowmobiles, four wheelers and gear and heading for the lake. After a nice drive filled with the anticipation of what lay ahead, we arrived at the lake and headed out onto the ice. We arrived at the “spot” just as the morning sky…