Moose Hunting

Best Drive to Lodge - Pasha Lake Cabins Question of the Day

Pasha Lake Cabins Question of the Day – “We are interested in coming to your camp for the 2020 Moose Hunt.  We are a party of 6, possibly 8. Do you have any available cabins? Any pertinent information would be greatly appreciated”    Yes at this time we have limited cabins 1st week and we have cabins second weekCabins are modern, clean, spacious with 24/7 hydro, running water, propane heat and private washroom with stand up showerEach party member gets a bed – 2 beds per room no bunk beds Biggest cottages are 1100Sqft x4 bedroom Cost per person per…

Throw Back Friday

That’s one heck of a Pasha Lake Moose.  Judging by the vehicles in the back ground, I guess this picture to be taken in the 1970’s.  On the left is the previous owner of Pasha, John Fevez. Interesting Fact – WMU #19 and WMU #21A combined have the one of the largest moose herds in all of Ontario.  Pasha Lake Guests hunt both from our lodge.


Together, the two Wildlife Management Units (#19 & #21A) contain one of the largest moose herds in all of NW Ontario, approximately 4,200 Alces alces (aka Canadian) Moose. With Pasha Lake being centrally located between the 2 zones, it stands to reason the moose harvest opportunities are endless. The surrounding ecosystem of both deciduous and coniferous tree stands is a preferred haven for the local moose population, and it shows in the Pasha Lake’s annual harvest rates. In fact, since 2005, there have been 2 bulls killed that have made the provincial record books.   BOOK YOUR TRIP NOW