Armstrong Jellicoe Outpost Camps

Outpost Tent Camps: One of the most rewarding aspects of enjoying the true Canadian fishing and hunting experience is to venture into the Canadian “bush” on your own. Camping on a remote lake out in the middle of nowhere is what we call, the ultimate outpost camp. Imagine yourself waking up to lapping waves on the lake shore, song birds chirping and loons bellowing their unmistakable melodies. In the morning, when you peek your head outside for the first time, you are exuberated by the fresh air, blue sky and anticipation of what the new fishing day will bring. Everywhere…

Jellicoe Nakina Grouse Hunting

Grouse Hunting: Hundreds of miles of trails crisscross the area so you can walk or use an ATV to bag limit after limit. With the high number of grouse seen and flushed, many of our hunters enjoy training young dogs and young hunters as well in the area. In addition to our ruffed and spruce grouse, we also have a large population of sharptail grouse. For the outdoors person who also enjoys to fish, combine your fall grouse hunt with some fall fishing. We’re sure you’ll be back year after year for more fall outdoor action.