Walleye 45 Lakes

August 9th, 2021 - US CAN Border to Open

Good News – the US / Canada border will open to fully vaccinated US travelers wanting to head to Pasha Lake Cabins.  Regardless of what you believe in how we got here, this is one step in the many it will take to get back to normal. Those wishing to make a reservation after August 9th, 2021 – please fill out our online reservation form here   The best source of information regarding the requirements to cross the border can be found here    From what I can tell – this is an acceptable vaccine list that Canada will use…

2019 - Pasha Lake Cabins Current Events: June/July

“They didn’t come back last night?” a question that rings in my ears as I sit here typing this current events update.   Before I get to that little gem of a story, allow me to bring everyone up to speed on the skinny here at Pasha Lake Cabins. June – June started off with a complete contradiction in circumstances affecting Pasha Lake Cabins.  The weather was unusually cool in the morning, with temps regularly dropping into the 30’s at night.  The fishing, on the other hand, was bang-on smok’in hot, as usual.   The walleye bite coming on in full…

Best Walleye & Brook Trout Lake in Ontario

2016 Trophy Fishing Photos 4: Main Fishing Photo Page IMG 404: /var/www/pashalake/www/2016-4/brooktrout40.jpg IMG 404: /var/www/pashalake/www/2016-4/brooktrout41.jpg IMG 404: /var/www/pashalake/www/2016-4/brooktrout42.jpg IMG 404: /var/www/pashalake/www/2016-4/brooktrout43.jpg