The Reason Chad and Michelle Love their jobs

It’s comments like this that capture why Michelle and I love what we do.  This is an excerpt from an email I received today :


” Hello Chad and Michelle:  I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the attention that you gave our group, during our recent stay with you, at Pasha Lake Cabins.  We had some unusual requests, due to our group dynamic, and you made every effort to support us with options and efficiency.  The true test comes during adversity, and you answered the call, when we had our situations.  We understand that there is a learning curve, on our part, when we come and visit as a rookie.  We offered a few challenges for you and you did an outstanding job of accommodating us.  Now that we know the “drill” of Pasha Lake, we will be returning, when we have the luxury of getting away for a fishing trip.  I usually direct the trips, with our group, but everyone has their “favorite” areas and lakes to fish, in Canada.   Pasha Lake is right at the top of the list, now.

I personally, can’t wait to come back and try some Bear hunting, grouse hunting, along with Fall fishing.

You offer such a wide variety to your guests.  I know that it requires a tremendous effort, on your part, to do that.  Thanks again!

(Your staff) were awesome, honest support for you.   They really shined when they recovered for some mis-communication.  Rather than trying to cover their trail, they owned up to it and corrected it.  They genuinely care about your guests.  That can be a tough juggling act. 

We appreciate the pristine settings of your lakes and the true wilderness, that you offer.

We will be back and thanks so much for attending to our needs.  We have been self-sufficient for our adult lives and we are learning to adapt and become dependent upon others to support our group.  You folks did an outstanding job of doing that.

See you soon and if you need any endorsements, please offer my name to all comers.

Above all, you have such a wonderful family.  Great to see you all and God Bless.

Pasha Lake Cabin Group: Cabin 12, 6-(23-30)-18.”