Top quality, action-packed Canadian Ice Fishing.

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For the serious ice fisherman, our unique location offers you unparalleled opportunities to experience the way Ontario ice fishing was meant to be.

Recently named as one of the TOP 25 Fishing Destinations in all of North America, at your disposal, are literally hundreds of lakes just busting at the shores with hungry game fish. With 8 different game fish to choose from, whether you like fishing for walleye, splake, pike, lake trout, brook trout, white fish or perch, you are bound to find an adventure that meets your quest to rule the ice. As a bonus, our world-class expert guides spend countless hours on area lakes. They hand pick the lakes that are the most productive based on time of year, productivity and the quality of fish.



From big lakes to small lakes, deep lakes to shallow lakes, from trophy lakes to lakes with mind staggering numbers, you have an arsenal of resources that guarantees you Ontario ice fishing success. Our unique location offers you ice fishing opportunities others simply can not. From our lodge, you have access to endless variety in every sense of the word. We literally fish over 99 secluded lakes where you are guaranteed to be the only angler for miles. And, you guessed it, because of our remote location, very little fishing pressure brings fish after hungry fish to your unsuspecting lure or bait.

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